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Live in Shinee World which is like Diamond for me. Precious.

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During the three months that you don’t remember, truly many things happened.

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this is the world where everyone cannot choose their own fate
this is the world where people have their choosen mates
this is the world where you have to embrace the fact
this is the world where love was nothing but a creation
this is the world where you’ll be killed if you break the bond with your choosen mate
and this is the world where Park Chanyeol falls for Kim Jongin

Chanyeol knew that this thing might cost his life..And the pain of heartbreak had wounded his heart. But for Chanyeol, this was enough. Loving Jongin was enough.

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140406 KrisYeol @ 2014 Peace & Love & Friendship! ;Ending. Cr.T1ng0115  / Do Not Edit

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❀ EXO Yōkai no Sekai series ❀  EXO-K, EXO-M

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I want to be older so that he can call me noona T.T

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This is disgusting. I love it.

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they gave jongin a bad chair so chanyeol told him to sit on his lap

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The different types of Chanyeol while in the jungle ‘3’

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